Brand Essence

Core Idea – Empathy – Courage.
These ultimately define the success potential of any brand, whether B2C or B2B.
These aspects enable bold organic growth, the most profitable kind.

Core Idea:
Strong brands have a core idea around which design

and communication are developed. Dressing up a brand
without a true heart is like having a shiny suit of armor
without a person inside. The battle is lost.

Developing a brand offer without really understanding

the deeper drivers of its users is like shooting at the sky
and hoping your dinner will fall from heaven. Unlikely.

Following a crowd for the sake of security is equivalent

to sacrificing uniqueness. It takes courage to be uniquely
differentiated…but the payback is real.

Information and analysis can take branded businesses to the edge of the current horizon,
but only applying the true skills for innovation can take them beyond.